For Employers and Companies that want to have their short listed Candidates assessed for a potential position – we do offer Profile Testing and Candidate Assessments as part of our recruitment package. For further information about our standard recruitment fees please send us a query via our Contact Form below.

We also offer an additional option to purchase these reports on an as needed basis. As part of this “RECRUITMENT EXPRESS option, we do include a Recruitment Summary Assessment with each Test purchase.  This assessment provides an objective and external summary as to how the applicant or candidate matches the position that they have applied for within your organization.*

All Recruiting Now Inc., Profile Tests and Assessments are carried out by Professional Consultants with solid industry expertise.

If you are unsure of the type of report you would like to use, one of our Consultants will be more than happy to assist in determining which report best meets your needs.

 *in order to do a complete Recruitment Assessment we will require a copy of the applicants’ resume and the job position they are being screened for. 


Our Profile Assessment Process:

All profile assessments are carried out once payment has been received. Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email notification that will direct you to a URL login for completion of the test that you have selected – It is important that you include an email address and name of the person assigned to complete the selected Test. Once the test has been completed, an automated notice will be sent to the administrator to facilitate the processing of a final report.

Please note  in the Comments section, when you are purchasing the Profile Assessment – who the report should be sent to.

  • For batch purchases – one of our consultants will follow up with you to review and record all applicable information required for both testing and report delivery.



Employee Selection

WPI Select Report  – Report, 10 pages

The WPI Select Report focuses on those personal characteristics and tendencies that influence how an individual performs in work settings. The WPI measures five global personality characteristics and seventeen primary traits that provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s work personality. The employee’s results provide extensive information about his/her preferences, strengths, and weaknesses in work environments. When interpreting these results, it is important to remember that the scores are not good or bad, only more or less appropriate to certain types of work. For example, high scores on Ambition may be important for success in some occupations, but detrimental in other types of work. Therefore, these results should be used to highlight his/her preferences and motivations and examine how they relate to more or less effective work performance.


Sales Achievement Predictor – Profile, 9 pages

With the Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP), you no longer have to wait 6 months, or longer, to find out whether a new hire will succeed. This unique inventory measures traits that are critical to success in sales—and in related fields such as customer service, sales management, marketing, and public relations. Many things are not apparent in an interview or resume, inhibitions about cold calling, reluctance to ask for a sale, or poor motivation to follow through once on the job. The SalesAP will pick up these traits. Validated against actual sales performance, the SalesAP helps industrial psychologists, human resource professionals, sales managers, and business owners select, place, and train salespeople.


Leadership Development

Employee & Candidate Profile Testing & Assessments

Leadership Development


WPI Leadership Competency Report, 20 pages

Designed as a tool for professional growth. This report describes key features of an individual’s personal style that influence their approach to tasks, ways of interacting with people, and performance at work. It contains interpretive notes that are useful for increasing leadership effectiveness and highlights the competencies generally associated with each personality trait.


Team Building


WPI Personal Effectiveness Report, 12 pages

Designed for personal development, team building, and coaching. It describes an individual’s preferences and strengths; and suggests techniques for increasing effectiveness in work settings. The report describes how an individual works with others, approaches tasks, solves problems, manages change, and deals with stress.


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