Job Search – Career Interest – CA

The Career Interest Profiler – will help individuals go further in their career exploration.

The new dynamic, interactive Canadian Career Interest Profiler (CIP) (CA Version) report provides a description of your client’s responses, plus allows them to easily explore their career options, by having more information at their fingertips. The new report contains the most current occupational information with over 1100 careers within the NOC database. Clients can find out more about their top rated careers with just a click of the mouse. Canadian information available includes region specific job opportunities, up-to-date information on job duties and skills requirements, salaries and occupational outlook, and license and certification requirements.

As you read through this report there are a number of things to keep in mind:

1.  Do not expect to find one perfect job. There are many job options available and many will fit your interest profile in some way.
2.  The Career Interest Profiler is a measure of interests, not skills. So while it can help you identify jobs you might like, it does not tell you what you are good at.
3.  When you are making career decisions gather as much information as possible. This includes taking other types of assessments and talking to people who are working in jobs that interest you.
4.  Take the time to discuss your findings with the people who are important to you such as your family and career counselor.

Please click the Sample Report below for a detailed review of what this report covers and includes.