We are very much an advocate for providing our recruiters with valuable assessment tools that can add on to an already experienced platform for reviewing and sourcing talent. With respect to profile testing and new hire assessments – we find there are so many tools readily available. However we are also a strong advocate in reminding companies that these are great tools when used by experienced professionals, while also keeping in mind – that they are “add on” tools and should be seen as such.

We are currently in the process of revamping our Profile Assessment portal – whereby we can streamline two very unique channels for both Candidates and Individuals exploring new career paths – and also for Employers, and companies looking to add new talent and new employees to their rosters.

Should you require immediate information about any of our Assessment Profile services and what we offer, while we transition to this new rebranding of our Profile testing portal, please feel free to visit our Job Search Portal at 


Job Search Portal – withinthecode.com – At this location you will find numerous examples of some of our Assessment reports to review and also additional links to our Corporate website for any visitors who may be looking to work with any of our experienced Recruiters.



Recruiting Now Support Team

Career Assessments and Candidate Profile Testing Reports

For Clients and Employers, these profile assessments will enable your internal hiring team to more objectively streamline the screening and candidate selection throughout the job search and employment process. By implementing assessments and profile testing, Companies can pre-qualify candidates, thereby increasing their interview-to-hire ratio and reducing their overall recruitment production.

Profile testings and assessments for new employees


For Candidates and Employees, there are a variety of reports that will assist you in providing insight into: individual personality traits, the kinds of work an individual may enjoy, and how they can manage career change. Many of these reports can provide a solid and knowledgeable base for determining professional growth.


Career Guidance and Career Assessments

Profile & Career Assessments

Psychometrics Canada

All online tests for Assessment Profiles and Recruiting Now are provided by Psychometrics Canada Ltd.

Psychometrics Canada has been working in the science of objective assessments for over 30 years. Their expertise is in the development of assessments, online test delivery, training and special programs focused on talent management. These assessments are used for team building, leadership development, conflict resolution, career exploration and employee selection.

These assessments are also available in both French and English. Copyright 2018 Psychometrics Canada Ltd. All rights reserved.

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